Free Range Hiking

The goal of this blog is to catalog and recant hikes that I go on from this point forward. Free Range Hiking is about getting out and enjoying the best things in life. In a time where life tries to pen you in, choose not to let.logo

I’ve always enjoyed camping and fishing. I’d been hiking a few times in Indiana when I was a kid but got away from it as I got older and got caught up in school and life in a small town. While serving in the US Army from 2010 – 2014 I had the privilege of being stationed at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks, Alaska. I got to spend my fair share of time at the Yukon Training Area and the Donnelly Training Area where I learned some basic extreme cold weather and deep wilderness survival skills. I also had the opportunity to deploy to Afghanistan in 2011 and spend some time climbing Foothill Mountains in the Hindu-Kush mountain range on the Northern end of the Kandahar Province.
I’m hoping to use hiking and my love for the outdoors to get back into shape and shed some pounds over the next several years. My father and I have planned on hiking the AT since I was a child, this year he put a 5 year “deadline” into play to get himself motivated, and I hope to be there with him on the 5-6 month trip from Springer Mountain to Katahdin. I’ll use this blog to review gear, document my adventures and share pictures and video of the trails I hit between now and the Garlits AT Adventure of 2021.


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